Heiros Gamos


HEIROS GAMOS Heiros gamos The resplendent pillars Blaze with force Heiros gamos The lovers eyes A-maze of emerald gold The Twin Flame Burning up the corruption In an ocean of poisons The Yab-Yum Realising primordial Unity The centre of the Mandala Where all samsara and nirvana is born The secret doctrine That This Is It [...]


Harmonic Spaces Byron Bay

Harmonic Spaces Daniel Mirante presentation

Some glimpses of a very special night in Byron Bay, Harmonic Spaces, with Android Jones, Paul Abad, Dakini, Rak Razam, Mad Betty and other figureheads of the new culture.



Great art depicts these irrefutable truths of change through the cycles of existence. Such art provides a contemplative mirror and sometimes moreover a guide to accepting reality as it is. By intuitively understanding the movement through these cycles we live more fully, because we can flow with the stream of change rather than multiply suffering through grasping hold of our stories in obstinate resistance and denial. This is one of the meanings of Dharma.


Nectarian Art – Deep Ecological Visions

By Daniel Mirante ‘Nectarian’ is a word I propose to describe a deep ecological current within visionary or spirit art, it evokes the work of the birds and bees as they pollinate, sip nectar and distill honey from the flowering plants of primodial Gaia. It describes the rich symbiosis of life, that everything that exists, [...]


Oroborous : Cities, Hypercycles, Deep Ecology and Tantra

By Daniel Mirante The concept of man as robot was both an expression of and a powerful motive force in industrialized mass society. It was the basis for behavioral engineering in commercial, economic, political and other advertising propaganda; the expanding economy of the affluent society could not subsist without such manipulation…. Only by manipulating humans [...]


Sacred Land Muse

“In the deep glens where they lived all things were older than man and they hummed of mystery…”- Cormac McCarthy Life on this planet lives through virtue of interconnectivity. All of nature exists as an evolving web of consciousness. The light of the sun floods the elemental networks of the planet with energy that builds [...]


Forest Dweller – A Song of Gaia-Sophia

We rest upon an ancestral bedrock, evolved over uncountable aeons, a tapestry woven from patterns of symbiosis and cooperation, parasitism and predation. The life force received by Gaia from Sol turns over and over, generating complexity, generating crystal life. Hundreds of thousand years of tribal migration, empires that have risen and fallen, and cultural systems [...]



First published in Laurence Caruana’s Visionary Revue Amongst the many sacred plants of Gaia there is a tea, a ‘Great Medicine’, whose discovery lies with the jaguar. There is an old story of a master hunter, Uaica, closely identified with the jaguar, who was said to have discovered a bark potion useful in shamanism. The [...]


Flowing Light

“The divine seeing itself in the mirror is beauty, and you are the divine and you are the mirror.” A. Andrew Gonzalez, of San Antonio, Texas, has been depicting the human form “as temple and vessel sublimed by transformative forces” for over 15 years. Empowered by an artistic mission to “transform the collective imagination”, Gonzalez [...]


Angels and Archons

The One, Reality, is hitting us between the eyes at every moment. The Truth has its sovereign seal upon us. God is Here, Now. The physical world is not a prison, but a vale of soul-making. The archons are not prison guards, but gatekeepers upon the ancient wheels of Karma. The seven planetary demons or [...]